Most Popular 2023 Online Sportsbook Deposit Methods

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Deposit Methods

To start placing wagers online with any of the gambling sites accepting players from the U.S. you are first going to have to set up a means to fund your gambling account with deposit methods made available to U.S. residents.  Unfortunately,  a combination of U.S. gambling laws and regulations and complicated banking restrictions in the U.S. have thrown up a few roadblocks for funding gambling accounts. However, as regular participants in the global (and legal) online gambling arena we are here to tell you that it is not only possible but if you follow our recommendations you will also find it extremely easy.

The information on this page outlines a variety of online funding methods to pad your accounts with the various online sportsbooks who welcome U.S. bettors. Due to the almost global nature of many of the payment portals, you will be able to avail yourself of them at most sportsbooks no matter their country of origin. However, despite the universal accessibility of many of these portals, you may discover that being a U.S. resident can create frustration when it comes to depositing, mainly due to the many federal financial restrictions and bans placed on transactions specifically for the purpose of online gambling.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Our research shows that in order to add convenience to their service most sportsbooks have added a variety of deposit options to their sites. You will usually find that most popular credit cards are accepted, as are e-wallets, and bank funds transfers. These are the most common options but you may notice that credit cards are not as popular as they once were but should still be available for the foreseeable future.  If you use MasterCard or VISA then you shouldn’t have too many problems.

You can also fund your account safely from your bank account with any one of a number of methods including but not limited to e-checks, bank drafts, wire transfers, or paper checks. As wire transfers give online gamblers the ability to transfer the largest sums of money in one transaction it is naturally the most heavily used funds transfer option.

paypalPaypal is perhaps the most well-known example of an e-wallet, where the payment portal acts as an intermediary between the customer and the online casino. These types of services are highly popular as they are quite secure, and convenient – so you will generally find at least one e-wallet option on most sites. However, the majority of sportsbooks accepting U.S. players will place a major emphasis on these customers using wire transfers, so it pays to be aware of that when signing up a new account.

Credit Cards – credit cards became a convenient way to pay for items electronically long before the internet was even a thing, so it’s no surprise that they are extremely popular as a payment method for funding online gambling accounts. Depositing into your account is quite easy once you have found an online casino who will accept your particular card vendor. Most casinos will accept credit cards, and using either VISA or MasterCard should make your funding efforts that much easier as these two card vendors are accepted almost everywhere.

Unfortunately, banks and payment portals charge a fee to the casino for use of their services, which is most often passed onto the customer. Fees differ not just between payment methods, but also between vendors but you can usually expect it to be a few cents, or a small percentage of the total depending on the deposit amount. This is why you will see most sites requiring a minimum deposit of between $5 and $10. While credit cards have worldwide appeal things are a little different when it comes to gambling sites as security has become an issue. European and Asian clients will find using credit cards easier than U.S. and Canadian residents as recent regulations in the U.S. prohibit their use on online gambling sites.

prepaidPrepaid cards – These are another option created by popular credit card companies. They work much the same as a debit card except that the prepaid card is ‘loaded up’ with funds by the customer. When these are used in parts of the world who accept them they can add another layer of security as the player can exert more control over their spending habits due to a self-imposed bankroll amount.

Bank Wire Transfers – These are more popular outside of North America, with many considering wire transfers to be a little old fashioned as they have been used for decades – long before wireless communications were even a glimmer in the corner of an engineer’s eye. Wireless transfers involve a sum of money being transferred from a customer’s bank account into the online casino’s cashier department. While incredibly convenient wire transfers do attract some of the highest fees when compared to other methods. To conduct a wire transfer the customer must talk to the bank’s agent who will then assist with the transfer of funds.

Western Union – We’ve compiled a list of the most popular US sportsbooks who are currently accepting Western Union. However, they do not process withdrawals but instead allow you to withdraw money via a check. This is a convenient option for those who do not wish to or are unable to make use of a credit card, debit card, or gift card.

MoneyGram Transfers – This is a favorite method for U.S services who have sites based offshore. A player will need to contact the site directly to obtain the name of the receiver and the city. Cash can be sent to an agent’s office directly, or alternatively, funds transferred into a credit card or checking account via the internet.

Bitcoin Deposits – Bitcoin is a relatively new (and sometimes controversial) method for moving funds around electronically. It’s both secure and an excellent method if you have considerably large sums of money to shift. Plus, credit/debit cards and checkbooks are not needed. Many online gamblers have had a lot of their funding problems solved once they made the move to using Bitcoin.

eWallet Deposit Methods

Click2Pay – You can fund your Click2Pay account via your credit card, or by completing a bank transfer. This is a popular funding method for Europeans and Canadians.

Eco Pay – This ewallet gives players the ability to fund their account via bank transfer or credit card deposit and it is the most popular funding option for many European nations.

InstaDebit – A favorite funding option for Canada residents as players can deposit into their accounts via their Visa, MasterCard, or bank balance. Deposits show up immediately but withdrawals can take up to 2 business days. Fees will apply to both deposits and withdrawals.

Neteller – You will find Neteller in most countries outside of Canada and the United States. Neteller connects electronically to your bank account or credit card in order for you to make deposits. Withdrawals are achieved via bank or debit card transfer. Regulated U.S. sites will have Neteller as an option for deposits and withdrawals but you won’t see it on U.S. run offshore sites.

Paypal – No doubt you have heard of Paypal as it’s one of the largest and well-known payment portals. Paypal is heavy on security so you will only see it as an option on a few European sites and regulated U.S. sites. Funds are transferred peer-to-peer, via bank accounts, or through credit cards. However, U.S. sites cannot offer credit card deposit options.

Skrill – Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is still a preferred method for many players residing in European nations. Skrill is funded by way of credit cards or electronic checks, and withdrawals are processed via way of a debit card or bank transfer.

UKash – Many residents in the U.K. find Ukash to be most convenient for their online gambling needs as it is basically a prepaid credit card which can be conveniently purchased and funded from kiosks situated around the country.